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Centre d'hébergement pour les femmes et enfants victimes de violences ღ

Our missions: Protection and Integration

From emergency situations through to citizenship

We provide shelter to the homeless people who call the Alpes-Maritimes homeless hotline. We provide emergency accommodation to those in greatest need. As an organisation to protect children, ALC shelters children in danger in care homes or with their families. We protect women suffering from violence and human trafficking.

We support the reintegration of people in difficulty. We help them find permanent accommodation. We help them access training courses, jobs and healthcare. The Organisation’s ultimate ambition is to empower people towards fully-fledged citizenship.


Our mission in short: protection and integration

Our first mission: Protection

Protecting parents and babies, children and young people

  • We protect parents and their babies in our shelters.
  • We protect alienated children in our care homes.
  • We protect children in danger at the request of judges and child welfare services.

Protecting those suffering from violence and human trafficking (THB)

  • We provide shelter for women suffering from violence, and their children.
  • We protect children suffering from violence within the family.
  • We reach out to victims of human trafficking.
  • We provide them with shelter in our long-term accommodation centres in Nice and Var.
  • We run the national scheme providing shelter and protection to victims of human trafficking (Ac.Sé).
  • We train professionals to identify victims.


Our mission in short: protection and integration

Our Second mission : integration

Integration via access to healthcare, accommodation, rights and citizenship

  • We organise healthcare consultations for people in great difficulty.
  • We help the homeless find accommodation.
  • We provide information to people who are ignorant of their rights and duties and we empower them to exercise their rights.
  • We empower people to become fully-fledged citizens once more.


Integration via training and jobs

  • We offer missions as a springboard to jobs.
  • We organise reintegration projects.
  • We support access to training that leads to certification or a diploma.
  • We empower people to reintegrate the employment market.

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Our sphere of action

Alpes-Maritimes, Var, France and Europe

ALC is an organisation that helps people in difficulty and protects children throughout Alpes-Maritimes, a French department on the Italian border.

To provide shelter and protection for victims of human trafficking, ALC:

  • owns a shelter in Var, a neighbouring department in the south of France / Provence Alpes French Riviera,
  • steers a French scheme, Ac.Sé, which provides shelter and protection to victims of human trafficking nationwide.

To protect victims of human trafficking, and migrant children (unaccompanied minors), ALC is involved in several European projects and networks.


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