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Centre d'hébergement pour les femmes et enfants victimes de violences ღ

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ALC operates thanks to the commitment of our members, living in Alpes-Maritimes, the PACA region and beyond! Rallied to the cause at the AGM, they keep the Organisation running and receive the newsletter to keep abreast of our activities. Some invest their time and work as volunteers in various departments.


How to join?

Joining ALC is a great way to support our day-to-day action. Members all agree with our humanist values and support our action targeting the needy, protecting children and women suffering from violence, homeless families as well as helping with their reintegration.

The membership fee is €15/year. Jobseekers, students and those supported by ALC pay €6.

To become a member, fill in a request form (in French):


Your request will then be sent to the ALC Board of Directors, who will examine it and then make a decision.



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